Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Questions I'd like 'Teabaggers' to answer

Questions I'd like 'Teabaggers' to answer | The Smirking Chimp


Anonymous said...

Hey, Roman. How do the days greet you?

I'm free. Yes, really free this time. A years probation I abscond for five months and show up once and total out at roughly four months to complete said probation.

I say thats fair and get this they were going to reinstate me, go figure.

I spent time with felons even though I've yet to attain a felony.

Well I totally understand not saying I resided at echo canyon.
A. because it's true.
b. It was a lost cause without an address I couldn't be on probation through the monte vista offices even staying at a shelter.

All for nothing in the first place. They had no evidence because I did nothing. I returned books and donated some I found. Go figure. Some quota happy officer friendly decided to press a non issue.

Well much peace, love, empathy


Anonymous said...

Roman,hello. I guess I'm collecting jail wristbands like coins though it's not as flattering. I thus far have three in my possession. You know the deal I paid they wouldn't peruse my "Smiths" pro-recycling bag for said actual receipts. It almost makes one lose faith in the values of good ole 'merican environmentalism.

The guy tackled me walking not "running" contrary to his reports out of smiths. The judge was none to happy at the initial august 17th court date nor the fact that a store employee who was ("un authorized") to lay hands on me tackled me to the ground. Apparantly, according to the judge the store can lock it's doors via remote or phone in a description of you but can't touch your persons.

I let a number of mofo's in the felony pod know that fact and apparantly two of the ten I've told have been released because of excessive force on the retailers behalf. God bless those thieving sons of bitches.

It's like when I quit the army not only did I quit basic but I got three others to "join" my endeavor.

I tend to unite the disenfranchised or the stringent adherents. I was also on something television wise in reguards to overdosing on cough syrup. I've heard various variations: cops, the news, crime stoppers. But I do know I had to "remind" a few individuals (especially embarrasing : kids) that "yes" I was the guy on t.v. . The cough syrup mouthwash guy. I couldn't even sit down and read a friggin paper for like three days without people bugging me about it. I've googled my name and have yet to find out anything. But I'd be calling three priests liars if this were some drug induced illusion and a number of stable (well more than a number) people.

Right now I'm with a real legitimate guy. He has an offer to buy a van. Hence, a place to reside and means to exit baby errr.. bernallilo.

Plus a means of income where it was non existent. I'm assuming the life insurance is possibly null given the precidence of time.

But talking to a payed lawyer (thank you James: a jail friend who loaned me his attorney) there is recourse and excuse. I.e. time isn't really a huge factor unless you're talking decades.

Well I need to find out what has been so traumatic on the homefront that dis abled you from posting a $25 dollar bond. Oh, wait I know I'm an unreliable sob . But dear lesley I'd never to use the slang
"throw you under the bus". I don't know how but I'd pay to get you out in the unlikely scenario you'd be in similar straits. But given I'd give. Yes, the same goes to brittain and Jayme. Although the scenario isn't as unlikely on her behalf. Sadly.

Well enjoy your castle and I'll contact you shortly.

Question has brittain ever considered doing a hologram like a door(sizewise) where if you didn't know it were a hologram you'd basically be looking into another room. Kind of like a room in another dimension.

I've reached two conclusions about cough syrup. By the way it's hella popular with the kids these days.

1. It increases intellect.
2. It causes liver / kidney damage.
3. It is more effective than anything to ween people off methamphetamines and heroine.

Apparantly several doctors one in particular read my writting and thought it wastefull that I not be collegiate or published. It feels good when a Rhodes scholar says such a thing but truthfully when inmates were anticipating my upcoming pages I was flattered.

Parabola Vitale (a futuristic something , something) kind of like droogs.

Peace, love , empathy


Anonymous said...

My dear aunt. No sarcasm though I wish like anything for the tenacity to produce such findings. It's July. Lets start with honesty; did you ever know my girlfriend Mandy (the tall one, 6-1) had a miscarriage .

Yes the familial was almost increased.

Emotions. Truthfully they are a rare bear. But when it occured I was as close to human as I've ever approached.

I don't know if you read your blog. If you do take mind of my linguistics in an unsent letter.

"I don't know the vocation of my holographer uncle nor my aunt. But there's no law requiring conscience."

Money is pointless. I'm hardly incorrect. We're about to enter a fiscal state that pales the great depression. Then a civil war wil ensue.

I welcome the chaos. With my eidetic memory.

I'll hold the hand of said chaos. No i'm far from sadistic . It's cathartic.

with love, even to my holographer uncle. Did I trash talk via email. Yes. If you could only hear what he said over the answering machine/fax you guys bought us. You'd be appaled.

But i'll chalk it up to alcohol. Yes, I know of his problems. As i know of mine. I've used his example for inspiration.

He is a genius.
I'm a genius as well,

A regular rhodes scholar hobo.

I know how absurd it sounds .

roman Roman

Anonymous said...

I've researched britan. Damn. Google zabka and find out what the jist is.

Now I have no doubt of his genius. I mean besides being part of the club for creative anachronisms.

que sera , sera .

Oh, by the by I know damn well this could be collected for legal purpose.

Lesley said...

Not a clue what you are talking about -- legal purposes? Whatever.

There is no reason for you to call, especially those days you call and fill up the entire machine

1) You always call before I am even awake
2) The ringer has been broken for ages so unless I happen to be in the phone room I don't even know you are calling
3) As everyone but you seems to know -- I hate talking on the phone, absolutely despise it, which is why I have never replaced the phone with the broken ringer.
4) You make it sound like you urgently need to talk to me, but when you leave messages here there seems to be nothing that is the least bit urgent.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You responded! I knew sounding urgent would finally work. I thought of doing a whole royale taunenbaums deal and tell you I'm dying. But, alas no I'm not dying.

I know your ringer is broken.

I know you hate the phone, whats new?

What did my mom truly die from....

I have my cardiomyopathy theory.

I would prefer to write but I won't visit. Oh, were you even there the last time I showed up at 3pm?

Probably, but whatever. If you don't truly care I still care.

My friend megan mcbrayer died on june 20th. You perchance could add the urgent designation.

Do you even read my writting. Do you want to know how I received commisary in jail?

I wrote poems for the felons.

Oh and I made bank.
Plus, I'm owed a passport and some Benjamins.

I'm not a felon. I hang with the thugs. One of my friends used to work for Tony Spillantro. ( Joe Pescis casino characters real moniker) .

But have I been in a fight. No. Never. Reguardless of my record.

Do you want to know who Mandy was........

One of my three good friends.
What I said was true.

Later, love

Anonymous said...

Look, I truthfully appreciate your acknowledgement. I'm as ozzy said , "sobriety sucks".

Judge if you feel said jurisdiction.

There's no drama as far as I'm concerned. You're my aunt and britton is my uncle. If he acknowledges the fact or negatory.

Well, I'm on my way to see public enemy .

Your nephew

Roman :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sold , said soul.
Perhaps, I'll learn this role.

As cold as the heat.

It's perfect inperfection.

Life live now the street.

I'm good as I'm bad.
Does forever have to be so sad.

In couplets so simple I've made something complex.

So long samantha and thanks for the serenade...........

Anonymous said...

Look, you guys do have a conscience. Perhaps, that was just my personal prejudice extrapolated.

I don't know what I emote sometimes.

All apologies.

If you guys had no conscience you'd have gunned me down when I showed up at 4am.

Sorry. You don't deserve my judgement.

I'm actually affixed with a strong constitution. I apologize for never informing anyone about Mandy. Now that was extremely ill informed.

I do have eloquence with judges. I talked my arresting officer down from two years to five months.
As well as the judge.

I even convinced victoria grant the hanging judge to lower my bond. She initially ROR ed me. Released on my own recogniscence.

Victoria Grant doesn't do that at all.

Later, love


Anonymous said...

There's something strange about this something, something.
You know don't what I'm about.
This is the life we try to live.
The time we attempt to give.

I don't have reasons but I can tell you why .
Why not?

Because it's kind of mean and real and we're handed a hell of a deal.
I'll never die God knows why,
Fuck my dog, God
dammit this monkey has blown his brains.

Momma used to give us kids an ornament for the tree.
I never read the inscription.

Yes, it's real hell it's mean and heaven help us get through purgatory.

Landslides On Landmines........

Anonymous said...

Hey kid , just kid.
I may fool.
But shakes thought a fool was wise.
To all the fuck eyes.

If suicide is kewl I have a bullet.

If death is a loaded subversion I'm well armed.

Like hunter killed himself and kurt was killed .

i'm a bit of both and a quadruple entandre .

que sera sera .

You're my aunt and you're being an ant.

But no grudges...........

Anonymous said...

Look. I talked to britton and actually agree. Why per se have a ringerless phone. Even, for business as stated.

You'd think such a vital tentacle would be synonamous with life.


love ,

and this is to both of yous in your lonesome .

Anonymous said...
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