Friday, November 21, 2008

Bush Snubbed or Snubbing at G-20 Summit?


Anonymous said...

lesley isn't you dental date expired? If so I was in the hospital last night. sprained wrist and yes they prescribed vicodin. Which I believe had acetominophen.

We need to meet somewhere you are my aunt and I do love you very much =) . Reguardless, of some of my poorer choices we're still family. Yes, I consider britton my uncle as do I about Richard.(uber republican he is) Say< wonder how he's taking the whole obamanation situation.:)

Perhaps, even he was so sick of bush as to want obama. Have you seen republican for obama stickers I have........

We need to meet. I don't know when but hopefully this will find a receptive listener. It's almost thanksgiving and christmas. Tell me you haven't disowned me......I doubt anything of that nature. You have ever right to be frusterated.

I know I'm being melodramatic.
Sarah palins speech about being close to russia "you can see it from alaska" is favorite huh, did she just say what i think she did..

Much peace,love empathy

Lesley said...

My dentist appointment is on Monday. Not sure what they will do to me or how long to recover from it.

I am sure Richard is fine. He is so busy with "retirement" that I hardly hear from him.

Your PO called. He wants you to call him.